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Albania, Armenia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Benin, Belarus, Congo, Czech Republic, Algeria, Estonia, Eritrea, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Iran, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Latvia, Morocco, Mali, Maldives, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sudan, Slovenia, Senegal, Chad, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uganda, Vanuatu

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About us

Colibricall is a rapidly growing telecommunications company specializing in the provision and management of International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) for value added services. Our company offers tailor-made solutions to clients that will enhance their business and maximize revenues.

Become a provider of Colibricall’s International Premium Rate Solutions (IPRS) and  experience a dramatic increase in profit today!

What do We do?

Since 2013 Premium Rate Services has quickly become an important and growing niche for Colibricall. Colibricall owns the right to collect traffic to Premium Rate Numbers in numerous countries. We are continually adding new ranges of numbers to our ever-expanding portfolio.

While international companies allocate numbers to Colibricall, we:

  • Promote the destination to international carriers;
  • Collect payments from international carriers and pay out the agreed fee for traffic depending on the amount of minutes; 

Premium Rate Service (PRS) numbers are telephone numbers that are used for the provision of value added services (VAS). Calls to PRS numbers are generally charged at a higher rate compared with calls to traditional numbers.

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Use your own SIP equipment to receive incoming calls to your IPRN numbers.

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Why we are better

Colibricall distinguishes from other competitors by offering many extra quality points, which help our clients concentrate only actual work without any distractions.


Payment methods

Colibricall is widely recognized as a trustworthy company that always pays on time and values its clients.

Colibricall offers various payment options ranging from bank transfers to Bitcoin. Payment terms can be monthly (30/45) or weekly (7/7).

Payments can be made via wire transfer, Paypal, Western Union and MoneyGram.

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