Expertise in easy-to-deploy and resizable cloud server.

About us

Who We Are

We're on a mission to make developers' lives easier. It's the need of the hour to bring hassle free deployment in no time. We're voracious learners and adapting with your needs. We get the job done and we have fun doing it.

What We Do

Cross-cloud API platform enabling businesses to unlock the value of data, deliver modern applications, and power ecosystems. Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases for your applications.

  • We excel in ML and DA
  • Secure and fully featured
  • Committed to open source
  • Industry leading price-performance.

Our Services

Web Design

Choose form an ocean of templates whichever suits you and your business the best. Deployment is a no-brainer.

Web Development

Got a website to host but not sure where to run business logic? Well we got you covered with Virtual Private Server deployment.

App Design

Got you web-services up and running but not sure how to integrate with app? Well we expertise in platform independent app development.


We grow with you and in order to do so we never leave a stone unturned to the industries leading technologies.


Like to serve your customers using the WordPress integrate the WP plugin and start publishing.


Development is done but not sure how to sell you product? We got you covered with SEO and AdChoice.


Migrate your workload and VMs on the go and deploy within your own blazing fast and reliable Virtual Private Server.

Spring Microservices

Forget full-stack services and try Spring microservices to serve the requirements better.

Meet the team

We are a startup now who would like to grow with you.


Shashi Kant

Founder / CEO

Contact us

Feel free to reach us.

80A, Karman Tola
Ara, Bihar

+91 8252624008