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September 12, 2017
No Reception? No Problem!

I’m sure you will agree that going into a shopping centre and finding you have no phone reception is pretty annoying. The feedback we’ve been receiving shows that it’s a problem encountered by many of your customers, not to mention the retailers unable to use mobile POS machines, and can really impact on your brand and sales.

Until recently the solution has been difficult to implement and prohibitively expensive but there is a new solution which can benefit your customers and retailers who are connected to the Telstra mobile network. Telstras new “Wi-Fi Calling” function allows you to place and receive calls over your discovery installed Wi-Fi infrastructure, whether you have traditional phone reception or not.

September 12, 2017
Monetisation Made Easy

One of the key concerns for our customers is generating a return on the investment they’ve made in their Wi-Fi infrastructure. Discovery’s platform and expertise is a crucial part of that but, with all the best intentions, difficulties in the mobilisation of resources and decision making on the client side has often delayed this return coming to fruition.

Discovery has recently established an exciting partnership with an angency that can deliver monetisation over Wi-Fi with the bare minimum of customer effort required. Just give us the go ahead on the proposal we provide you and your investment will be paying for itself in no time.


Queue prediction & management

Clear-Q is an integrated CCeX module which predicts customer behaviour through our proprietary machine learning algorithm.

By managing open checkouts according to the ClearQ predictions, you can reduce customer waiting time and control excessive staff overheads.

Digital Media & campaign management

Display’d offers the ability to deploy and manage the digital media while harnessing the power of CCeX analytics engine to assess campaign effectiveness.

Discovery Technology have also developed ruggedised digital media hardware perfect for use with Display’d.

Our flagship location analytics platform

CCeX provides Wi-Fi network operators and location owners with enhanced data capture, information analysis and behavioural analysis of users within the wireless environment.

The base CCeX platform can be augmented with the Display’d and ClearQ integrated modules.

Wi-Fi network design & management

Discovery Technology are market leaders in designing, deploying and managing Wi-Fi to static sites and mobile transport locations.

We work with all the major hardware vendors to ensure you get a rock solid network to underpin the benefits of our flagship analytics platform – CCeX

Network consulting & design support

Take advantage of our years of experience tailoring network solutions to suit your business.

We will assess your requirements in line with your business goals and advise you on the technology solution that will best support you to grow whilst controlling costs.

Hardware & software licensing

Through our network of hardware vendors, we are able to provide great deals on network, server, security and storage hardware and software along with the expertise to ensure you make the right purchasing choices and implement them successfully.

Digital media players & AV Equipment

Our Display’d module gives you all the tools you need to manage campaigns and measure their effectiveness…except the digital media hardware itself.

Our ruggedised media player is tailor made for this use and we work with excellent partners for screens and housings.